One of the major advantages of engaging services for Singaporean Wedding Videographers is the fact that they enable you to have the best memories of your special day, long after the day is over. However, you should not just pick the first videographer that you come across. You need to take your time to shop for videography services before making the final selection.

Getting the best financial deal

Never assume that the first videographer you come across is offering the best deal for you. When you shop around, you will discover that there are much better deals available for your wedding needs.

It is also important for you to ask for price estimates when shopping for a local Singapore Wedding Videographer. This will give you a more accurate idea of how much you are expected to pay. You can then adjust your budget to a more realistic range for the kind of services that you want to obtain with regard to your wedding pictures.

beautiful event for wedding videos

Exposure to different videography styles

Are you familiar with the shooting styles that exist as far as videography for weddings is concerned? Shopping around for a videographer enables you to see the styles that each videographer is familiar with when it comes to shooting.


One of the best things about taking your time to shop for a videographer is the fact that you get to learn about the professional reputation of anyone you are interested in.

By learning about the reputation of the videographer of interest, you will be able to determine how reliable a professional is. You will also be able to determine whether the quality of work done by those videographers on your shortlist is similar to the sample that they provide.

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The advantages of wedding videography services for your wedding are significant enough at the end of the day. These benefits are enhanced if you select the right videographer for your wedding day. Shopping around for videography services is usually your best chance of accessing the services you are looking for. Ensure therefore, that you take your time during this process. Your wedding day needs to go on without a hitch.

Have you ever thought of renting a yacht for your wedding?

You should consider taking advantage of yacht charter services available in Singapore for the financial benefits that come with it. You will be able to get great value for your money in the end.

Pay for what you need

Wedding Venue in Singapore: Yacht Chartering‏

Should you decide to have your wedding in a particular venue that you have always wanted, you will need to pay for all the space whether your guests are many or not. You will therefore be paying even for the space that you do not need, which is a waste of your financial resources.

wedding yacht... out at sea

Pay for the invited guests only

Some people have no shame. Even when they have not been invited to a wedding party, they will still show up anyway. This can make things quite awkward and force you to pay more to ensure that every guest is well fed and taken care of. Such a scenario can be quite a bitter pill to swallow if you did not budget for any extra guests, but what can you do?

wedding yacht party

A wedding yacht rental is a good way of minimizing the damage that uninvited guests can cause to your wedding and your wallet. When you choose to have your wedding in a yacht, admission can be restricted easily. Only those who were invited get to enter and enjoy themselves. The rest stay out. The yacht will then set off into the deeper waters and make it impossible for wedding crashers to get in.

If you want to ensure that all your guests are taken care of as per your planned budget, a yacht rental is the best answer. The ability to restrict the number of guests will make it much easier for you to keep more money in your pocket.


To many people, a wedding day comes only once in a lifetime. That is why you need to make the day memorable and stylish. When choosing the wedding shoes to match your gown, you have to keep simple things in mind. Here are the basic steps when choosing the best wedding shoes in Singapore.

I like to check on Pinterest and Etsy to look for interesting hand crafted ideas and real shoes made by people.

gold shoes for your wedding?

When choosing the best wedding shoes in Singapore, one thing to consider involves the color. Ask yourself it if matches with that of the gown. It is good to research about the matching to your cloth and the theme setting of the wedding. In addition, let your Singapore wedding shoes reflect the personality styles. For example, the bride may choose to dye her shoes to match with that of the bridesmaid. However, those who love traditional styling will choose a color to match the dress.

pink wedding shoes

Additional pair
When choosing the best wedding shoes in Singapore, it is important that you get two pairs. For example, choose one high heeled and another flat. During the dance, you will only take the flats and any other times wear the high-heeled. Comfort is key here.

Wedding venue
Every person doing a wedding will choose a good venue. Before you order the expensive pair of shoes, know if it is beach or winter wedding venue. For a beach wedding, reflect on the occasion so that they do not sink on the sand. During the cold months, why not make a fashion statement by buying ankle boots to keep you warm.

This is going to be tough... ah.. just kidding =D

The desire to get the perfect wedding band may add to the pressure of actually selecting the wedding bands but the truth is, getting a wedding band doesn’t have to be so difficult. Once you know what you want, getting the wedding band becomes easy.

You can do a simple research online here before heading down to shops. Or just do a simple google search.

Narrow down your choices

This means selecting the metal, whether or not you want a raised jewel, selecting a style and of course determining your budget. When narrowing down your choices you must consider things like your line of work and whether you will be in contact with any substances that might damage your ring. You must also think long term in the sense that you do not want something too flashy and current that will go out of style in a few years and you are left with a an outdated wedding band. In this case, the best solution is to go for something timeless and classic.

wedding band in shell

Visit several jewelers

There is no rule that states that you must buy from a certain jeweler. Once you decide exactly what you want, you can make a few visits to different jewelers to see what they have to offer that fits within your dream.

wedding ring to fit

Get the right fit

When you have to wear something for the rest of your life at all times, you have to ensure that it fits right and it is comfortable. So once you have settled on your wedding bands, ensure that you get fitted properly. A wedding band that is too tight can end up being uncomfortable and one that is too loose can easily get misplaced or lost. The best solution is to get fitted beforehand and also to have a final fitting on the day that you pick them from the store.